Financial Assistance

HEALTHY FOR CBD does not want the product price to prevent you from the benefits of CBD. This program is intended for long-term disability, veterans, and low-income individuals.

  1. Totally based on the “Honor System” to help those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to try CBD.
  2. To qualify, use the Contact form on the website to send an e-mail briefly describing your situation. Not a lot, just some information will do and I will review.
  3. A coupon will be issued for you to use when checking out, 2 times within 60 days. If you need more, let me know using the Contact form.
  4. The total cart amount needs to be at least $100, enter the coupon code for 30% off. (example: $100 of product in the cart – enter the code – billing price is $70.00) Out-of-Stock items are not eligible for the cart as back-orders are not allowed.
  5. If you forget to use the coupon code and complete the order transaction, contact me immediately using the Contact form, “Please Do Not Cancel The Order And Reorder” as it causes too many issues.
  6. The coupon code is intended for the qualifying individual and their immediate family.
  7. At the end of 60 days, the code will not work, but you can re-apply using the Contact form.
  8. Suspected abuse will cancel the code.
  9. This is completely confidential and participants will not be published. However, if you know someone in need or you, yourself could benefit, please enroll.